Camera Review – The Oppo A54

If you’re looking for an affordable point and shoot camera that can handle low light, then you’re in luck! The Oppo A54 comes with some pretty good features and capabilities. Most importantly though, it’s one of the cheapest point and shoot cameras available today. Let’s take a look at the Oppo A 1954 review and see how this little pocket camera stacks up to the competition.

When it was announced, there really wasn’t much to expect from this new camera from Oppo. The manufacturer only revealed that it had a built in video recorder. The A 54 has a huge capacity for those who need high definition video. Even with a HD camera this little device is impressive. The resolution is fantastic and you’ll get plenty of video if you want to shoot in HD. It will play back on a dual core A5 processor, which is great for connecting to a computer for editing.

The battery on this device is pretty big too. The battery is capable of lasting about a whole day with no use. It also features a fast charging system. In fact, this tiny little pocket cam actually boasts a charging rate of 10 times faster than other A type devices. If you like to have some musical entertainment during those long lazy days, then the Oppo A54 definitely is for you.

One of the unique features of this tiny little camera is the fact that it has both a digital and optical zoom. It will take great pictures but it also has the ability to zoom in on specific objects such as faces, pets or trees. In the case of the optical zoom, this can be done by simply oppo a54  pressing the ‘Auto Zoom’ button while the digital zoom can be achieved by pressing the corresponding button on the side of the camera. This makes the Oppo A54 an excellent device for both amateur and professional photographers alike.

If you are into taking professional pictures, you would certainly want to check out the Oppo A54’s photo capabilities because this little camera packs a major punch. The A type has a very powerful main camera which takes up most of the backlit screen meaning that you won’t be having trouble with composing shots. The front cameras take quite good pictures too. The camera has a 90 fps mode, so expect some nice moving images when you take the A Sample shot.

The battery on this camera is a lot smaller than its predecessor which helps to make it quite portable. The A Sample shot comes out at just over half of its capacity. In contrast, the new Oppo A54 definitely has more power in the punch with a 5000mah battery and yet it weighs only 272g. The A series should be considered when purchasing a digital camera because of its advanced technology and great features.